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Blur - Song 2 Cover

Blur - Song 2 Cover

Creating a cover song, making it into a hit. Sometimes, it's all about having fun.

My Favorite Things - Sound of Music

My Favorite Things - Sound of Music

Eminem Rihanna PARODY Love the way you lie: Key of Awesome

Here's something to get you laughing on the weekend. Not really a cover hits
but sure is a good parody.

Johnny Cash - 'Hurt"

The last song Johnny ever sang. Truly enchanting.
Great cover.

32 Cover Songs By One Cover Singer in Eight Minutes.

Cover Songs!! By one Cover Singer!

32 songs in 8 minutes, wow.

Cover Hits - You And Me

It's a Cover Song!!

Sunday AMs

one, two, three.

Not counting down. But it's the songs that are being covered.


Thursday Thumping

It's amazing to see cover singers putting in that much effort in a cover song.

It's more or less turning into their own version of an original song. Don't you agree?

Toss The Feathers

Let's get the days galloping fast with an traditional Irish folk tune - Toss The Feathers.

Let's hope with that, the weekend will come quicker!

Monday Musical

It's a Monday, I hope Musical would fill in the mood just nicely.

Fuel - Shimmers Cover

Here's a Fav song of mine

Shimmers by Fuel

And here are the cover singers doing their gigs!

Here's some drum covers~!